Through failure, we SUCCEED.

An activity-based program designed to equip attendees with an entrepreneurial, problem-solving, innovation-focused mindset.

"I love everything about your Failure School." - Dr. Samuel West, Curator, Museum of Failure


"Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success." - Robert T. Kiyosaki

The mindset we learn at the schools we study in and the mindset we then apply at the companies we work for is not enough to create a future we can all believe in.

The Failure School is here to equip people with new ways of thinking about problems and new ways of creating solutions that combine modern technology, human-centered Design techniques such as Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up methods.

The Failure School creates safe spaces and growth mindsets allowing us all to innovate, to fail and, ultimately, to learn, improve and succeed.

what people say



Waby, 18 years old, June 2017: "My mum told me "You're going to failure school" and we were like "What?!". We didn't really understand. It's not just about how to speak or to be confident. It really teaches you how to ask good questions, to not be afraid to ask those questions and always to ask "why". Generally, it helps you embrace failure in a really advanced and excited way. I learned a lot, I had fun. I can't wait for the next one!"

Happy, 14 years old, June 2017: "It was really fun I learned a lot from this experience because I learned that failure can actually be a way to achieve as well as to grow in ways I didn't know you could. It's also been an outlet as well because nowadays failure is not really accepted because we see perfection but here you're allowed to make mistakes and to live with those mistakes."

Michelle, 14 years old, June 2017: "When my mum first told me that you're going to failure school, I was like "huh? *laughs*". I didn't expect this. I expected that you were just going to talk about failure but today was actually really fun. It taught me also how important team work is, how important it is to not feel bad about failing but instead to be proud that you failed. My favorite part was the team work exercises because it really shows how people can work as a team, how cooperative you can be and when you fail...it's ok!"

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"Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare YOU for work that does not yet exist and cannot be clearly defined."

- Peter Drucker



We make assumptions about what people want, what people think, what we people do and how we think they will react to things.

We assume that our team members are X, that our boss thinks Y and that our customers need Z. We assume we know what’s best for people.

We often don’t recognize that we're even making assumptions, we fail to validate them and we continue working assuming that they are valid leading to wasted time, energy and money. More often than not, they aren’t valid and we end up creating things (products, processes, memos, experiences...) that nobody wants, needs or likes.

The only correct assumption to make is "All of my assumptions are invalid".

This failure-first mindset forces you to then go out and validate your assumptions through experimentation.

The Failure School teaches that.

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you’re not innovating enough.
— Elon Musk


The Failure School creates safe spaces and growth mindsets allowing us all to innovate, to fail and, ultimately, to learn, improve and succeed.

Our programs run regularly in Manila, Philippines for Corporates and Students as young as 12 and we'd love for you to join the next one in July 2017.