The Failure School is designed for my son Luke (that's him in the picture above).

He's 3 years old and I made this for when he's older.

He's the next generation and I know the global school system is not set up to teach entrepreneurship, design thinking, innovation, thinking on your feet, resilience, tenacity, introspection and handling failure and so I made this to make sure he learns those things.

As well as preparing the youth for an uncertain future, corporations need help preparing themselves for that same uncertain future: management teams often have trouble acting on decisions; product managers rarely meet customers to create meaningful solutions; and employees and customers are regularly frustrated with confusing our outdated internal processes.

All of these people struggle to innovate because they haven't learned skills that help them remain relevant in the marketplace. Corporate employee, business owner, college student or high school student, the failure school is for you.

-Phil Smithson, May 2017




Phil hails from the UK and holds a first class honors degree in Software Engineering. He is an Industry Advisory Board member and resource speaker at Adamson University and has been teaching User Experience and Design Thinking for over 4 years through On-Off Group, IdeaSpace and Founders Institute amongst others.

Phil's likes to ground people he works with by always asking: "What problem are we solving here?"

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Carlo wears many hats: currently as Founder of Startup PH Mentorship and the Marketing and Sales Director for On-Off Group. From 2014 to 2016, he was the CEO of another startup Klaseko Web Enrollment, which automates enrollments for non traditional schools. Prior to that, he spent 9 years in HSBC, 7 in the training department. He has been called a a natural born entrepreneur, gritty, a perpetual learner and is an advocate of personal development. 

His motto is "Fail fast to succeed faster" - and seeks to encourage the exact same behavior in those he teaches.

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